Tailgates and Turnovers Episode 73 – The Premier College Football Podcast

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The Tailgates and Turnovers Crew Talks College Football in a way that only they are capable of. This is an episode full of insights and information that can help you acknowledge where you might have missed something the week before, while adding commentary you may not have heard before about the week to come. 

They cover the games that ruined your Saturday or sent you through the emotional rollercoaster on a more positive note. With BIG games having been played in Week 6 of College Football, and a ton of CRAZY or WILD storylines marking the landscape of the NCAAF 23-24′ season, this is an episode that can help you become a better college football bettor. 

What to expect on Tailgates &  Turnovers Episode 73?

The patented insights that the Tailgates and Turnovers team is famous for – these are ramped up as the games start meaning even more on the back of a week that leaves even fewer teams unbeaten, and when injuries and major roster changes are starting to stack up.   

Tailgates and Turnovers is the Best College Football Podcast, that offers a lot  appeal to all audience types.